Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Lindberg Chocolates

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Love comes, in all forms and types. Love grows, through fits and fights. Love stays, no matter what your age and stage. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate with Lindberg Chocolates, the taste of which stays with you like love.

Night Trip


A tipsy girl hails a cab late at night and discovers her cab driver is not one she would feel safe with. Will she manage to reach home safely or will her fear actually turn into reality?

When a Stand-up Comedian met Talibanis


मुहब्बत भी ठंड की तरह होती है, लग जाये तो लगा देती है/

Aas – an Uttarakhandi


The movie, “Aas” is a simpleton story of a Boy – Golu and his Goat – Sonu. His love for his goat is unconditional and pure. He spends almost all his time with Sonu, the goat.Taking along the goat to the pasture, to his school and playground and even for sleep is almost a daily […]


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